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*Release source: Blacksands Books


Blacksands Books launches it’s second title ‘Unbridled’ by author Jude Dibia

Publication date: 01 April 2007

ISBN 13: 978-9-7807-9396-8


About the author:

Jude Dibia is a Nigerian writer. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and has lived there most of his life. His first published work was a novella, titled ‘Full Cycle’ in 1999. His novel ‘Walking With Shadows’ was short listed for the ANA/NDDC Ken Saro Wiwa Prose Prize 2006. His short stories have appeared in various publications including on-line literary journals like and


Praise for Walking With Shadows


“…Dibia’s debut novel is a fine and compelling work.” – Prof. Chris Dunton, writer, critic, Dean of Humanities, National University of Lesotho, South Africa.


“By daring to tell the untold stories Jude Dibia has carved a niche for himself in the chequered march of Nigerian literature. Walking With Shadows is a trailblazing work of searing courage.” – Uzor Maxim Uzoatu, writer, poet.




Based in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Unbridled chronicles the story of a young woman, Ngozi, who suffers various aspects of abuse from her family.

Ngozi Akachi is a somewhat regular village girl of exquisite beauty, light-skinned and haunted by the strange storm that ravages her village on the night of her birth—a story her mother would tell her repeatedly.

She is sent to Lagos to live with an uncle after her innocence was snatched away from her by a member of her family. In Lagos, she suffers cruelty from her aunt and forges a strange friendship with another girl, Tiffany Okoro, who comes from a different world all together.

And so her strange journey in life’s lessons begins—a journey that would lead her eventually to England and the many trials she would face until she finds her true voice.



Blacksands Books: Press Release

March 2007.

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